RCZ Proto Spider Cup 2015: Round 4 – Magny Cours


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Here is the abstract of the last race in the Peugeot Proto Spider Cup. This time on the traditional race track Magny-Cours in the heart of France.

In perfect weather conditions, Wolfgang Henseler and Oliver Freymuth were able to secure the 4th and 5th place on the grid for the first race in the first qualification run. In the second qualifying, Oliver and Wolfang were fighting against the Peugeot RCZ and got 2nd and 3rd place on the grid.

In the first race Wolfgang Henseler could drive in his Peugeot Spider with the starting number 913 in the first two rounds to third place in the field and defend this place. In the seventh round overtook him BOSSY and Wolfgang fell back to 4th place. After this action they were both fighting for the third place, but after a perfect pit stop Wolfgang was able to recover the missing second to third place, and got before BOSSY again and held this position until the end.

Oliver Freymuth had in the first race not so much success. After the start Oliver lost two positions, but drove one place forward again in the second round. In the fourth round Oliver had problems with the gearbox and then race was finished for him. We then checked the gearbox.

Directly after the start of the second race, Oliver was able to pass Christophe PELTIER for the first place. In the 5th round Oliver had for a very tight fight and had to give the first place to PELTIER again, but remained very close behind him and put him under big pressure. Although the pit stops of Oliver and PELTIER are two rounds apart from each other PELTIER was just ahead of Oliver in the 15th round after the pit stop and the battle for first place continued. After some attacks, Oliver took over the lead after a few laps.

Wolfgang Henseler defended his position against PUISSIER after the start, but in the fifth round he had to give his position to PUISSIER. Later he lost another place against his rival BOSSY and finished 5th place.

Now the summer break begins. The next and over last race of the season starts in one months on 13th of September in Ledenon.