Euro Series Runde 3: Red Bull Ring


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Red Bull Ring

Summary of the last race in the Euro Series at the Red Bull Ring:

Just two weeks after the race at Slovakia Ring the Euro Series by Nova Race went to the next round.

After two test runs of qualifying Oliver Freymuth could get the pole position for both races.

The great weather also had its disadvantages. More than 36 °C air temperature and 60 °C track temperature brought the technology to its limits.

In the first race Oliver Freymuth could claim himself until the pit stop. After the stop Oliver had to stop the car because a sensor overheated. The problem was fixed until the second race.

In the second race, the brakes got very hot, so Oliver had problems with the brakes. Nevertheless, Oliver was able to extend his lead lap for lap and cross the finish line first.

Even with the loss in the first race, Oliver is still leading the championship.

After half of the season there is a “summer break”. The next of the three remaining races is in September in Spa (Belgium) and the last two races will be in the home country of the Euro Series in Italy.